The Department of the Variety Orchestra Instruments

The Department of the Variety Orchestra Instruments was opened in 1977. Formation of its traditions is associated with the names EG Chevtaeva, SA Markov AV Chelnokova, JP Vedernikov, VV Mukhin, JL Slizkov, SP Shein. Before 1999 the department was headed by a graduate of the Kazan Conservatory, VN Feigin. Since 1999, the Chairman of the the deparment is V I Semishkur.
Smigelsky teaches the saxophone, AG Cormorants — a class of percussion instruments, VN Nagovitsyn — jazz (Big Bend), conducting, Y. Milov — the subject of arrangements an dvariety -ensemble, SG Khusainov — variety piano class, subject: «Fundamentals of jazz composition», «Fundamentals of jazz improvisation», «History of pop music styles.
Teachers of the department influence creatively the educational process.  They taught subjects that form the creative personality and professional skills of the head of variety collective of dancers, teachers play the appropriate instruments, as well as educational and methodical work. VN Sharomov created authentic development «set of benefits to learning the guitar», «Key to the six-string guitar chords.
Students regularly take part in All-Russian competitions, music schools methodical association of Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory and win prizes.
Currently, many graduates continue to raise the professional level in various universities.
Over 40 graduates have already completed various universities of the country. They can be found in Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the Baltics, in studios and music groups in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Izhevsk, in cities and villages of Kirov region.
Groups of students of the variety department often take part in concert in the city.  They always have success with the audience members of brass quintet, a student ensemble «Rendezvous», Dixieland sector practices on the music school in the settlement Orichi, class percussion ensembles.
Senior students of variety department are the permanent members of assembly urban jazz club.
The students and teachers actively participate in the concert life of the college jazz (Big Bend), who until 2001was headed by VN
Feigin, then to 2005 — VI Kotenko. Currently, the orchestra leader is VN Nagovitsyn. Students enrich the orchestral repertoire with fresh interesting arrangements, perform as conductors. Such an interaction of training and performances and the diversity of its forms provide not only high quality professional training of students of variety specialty, but also opportunities for their future practical work.

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