The Department of the Theory of Music.

Music theory department was opened in 1964. The initiator of its openness was the Director of the School of V. Zepherov. The first teachers and founders of the new specialty are graduates of Gorky Conservatory: MS Treymut was a teacher of elementary music theory, analysis of music and harmony; VS Grebenkin was a teacher solfeggio; OE Grebenkina was a teacher of musical literature and the first head of the department. From the very beginning they have been tasked with a thorough and comprehensive training of future musicologists and upbringing of each of them as a distinct artistic personality. Severity, rigor, high erudition of MS Treymut, multi-faceted creative and pedagogical activities of OE and VS  Grebenkin are a good example for students.
The first graduation of the theoretical separation took place in 1968. All graduates of this year, continued his musical education at universities and tied their fate to the music-teaching. TG Shatunova (Bogdanova) and LA Fominykh, began teaching job in the future even at the upper classes — and graduate of the Gorky Ural State Conservatory, and now — experienced teachers of music and theoretical disciplines.
RA Khairyllin and NA Zimin gave his disciples, — talented graduates Gorky Conservatory, started work in 1968. They are brilliant examples of diverse professional, creative and strictly relate primarily to the beloved work, extensive and fruitful musical-social work . They brought up dozens of specialists, including many current teachers of different branches of the college.
Among many achievements, RA Khairullina has a creation of a theoretical circle: first, to colleagues in the department, and then — with the participation of students. At meetings of the circle they were going to listen to and discuss the latest works of contemporary music, their search criteria and vocational musicological assessment. The activities of the circle was the starting point of developing and implementing the curriculum of the course of modern music.
In the late 50-ies the teachers are graduates of the theoretical department of the Gorky Conservatory TA Grudenkova and VA Levinskaya, and in 70-ies – LV Dvorzhova, GY Safina (Tarasova), LV Biryukova, TF Slavyaninova, VG Milchakova, NK Goldschmidt, as well as a graduate of the Kazan Conservatory, SS Saidasheva.
In the 80’s — 90’s of the theoretical division gradually replenished educators a new generation educated in the walls of the school, and then in various conservatories in the country: EA Mikheeva (Leningrad Conservatory), NI Pospelova, TA Skurikhina, EV Ivanova, GA Karpikova (Gorky Conservatory), AB  Karpikov (Moscow Conservatory), AR Semizorova and SG Kudryavtseva (Kazan Conservatory), EV Kolyvanova and NG Okuneva (Petrozavodsk State Conservatory). In the early 2000’s the members of the department are NV Rossokhina and SG Khusainov — graduates of Gorky, Saratov Conservatory.
At a theoretical department there is a constant and diverse educational and methodical work, providing the current level of teaching music history and musical-theoretical disciplines. LA Teachers Fominykh, LV Dvorzhova , TA Skurikhina, GA Karpikova, AB Karpikov, GY Tarasova, refining and updating work programs across several disciplines, create and successfully use the original teaching methodologies. LA Fominykh, TG Bogdanova and VG Milchakova gained valuable years of experience teaching solfeggio and harmony.
The teacher-methodist of solfeggio and harmony LV Dvorzhova works creatively with the students, theoreticians, and students performing a variety of departments. In the center of its broad and diverse educational activities — working with children of different ages (ranging from 2 years old). From 1985 to the present, LV Dvorzhova is headed by a group of pre-school aesthetic education («the stairs is kind of knowledge», and later — «Mirror»). In 1990, LV Dvorzhova   has initiated the opening School of Music for Gifted Children at the Kirov School of Arts.
LV Dvorzhova heads a theoretical sector of pedagogical practice. During the academic year under her leadership, students of various departments organize and conduct concerts and musical staging events for children — students’ pedagogical internship sector: «Introduction to musical instruments,» «Christmas,» «Carnival», «Celebration of birds, flowers and herbs» «Harvest Festival». Continuous improvement of methods of musical education of children, parents and students receiving teaching practice,LV Dvorzhova leads to various forms of work, including the creative in 2006 it had written a collection of songs for children «Sun, stars and flowers» , and in 2007 — «Intonation in the style of Shostakovich.»
LV Dvorzhova is the head in the Bureau Children’s Fund, the Kirov region. Her long-term activity in the field of musical education of children is awarded the Honorary Diploma from the Chairman of the Children’s Fund of Russia by Albert Likhanova.
TA Skurikhina brilliantly combines teaching, concertmaster and artistic activities. As a highly professional teacher of harmony and solfeggio and a leading vocalist, pianist and illustrator of the college, TA Skurikhina serves as a permanent soloist of Vjatsky Municipal Symphony Orchestra conducted by VA Rajewski, tours in Russia and in European countries (Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland). TA Skurikhina participated in the International Festival «St. Petersburg autumn», organized by the Union of Composers of Russia.
Four teachers of the theoretical department are members of the Composers’ Union of Russia.GA Karpikova and AB Karpikov are teachers courses Instrumentology and reading scores. GAKarpikova successfully conducts classes in composition. In December 2006 the college was held in the hall’s concert, GA and AB Karpikovyh. SG Khusainov teaches at the college Variety solfeggio, harmony, the basis of jazz improvisation and the history of pop music styles.
In April 2007, works by SG Khusainova were performed at the II International Competition of Contemporary Art and Education in Moscow.
Since 2000, GY Tarasova is member of the Russian Union of Composers is a teacher of music literature and analysis of musical works. Today, GY Tarasova- is the only college instructor, a leading full cycle of musical literature: ancient music, western European, Russian, modern foreign, contemporary Russian music. For many years, educational activities GY Tarasova combines a highly methodical basis of teaching with the creative innovation (for example, the creation and successful practical test pilot program for a parallel study of foreign and Russian musical literature). As head of the cabinet of musical literature GY Tarasova successfully solves a variety of educational and methodological and practical problems. So, thanks to its long-term cooperation with the State House of Radio Broadcasting and Recorded Sound (Moscow) possible almost a complete upgrade of the music college fund was made. In 2005-2006 by efforts of teachers GY Tarasova and SG Kudryavtseva a teaching aid for self-study students in music literature was developed .
From 1979 to the present, GY Tarasova is a member of the artistic council of the Kirov Oblast Philharmonic and continued leading chamber and symphonic concerts, both at the stage of Philharmonia, and on the stage of the college. Almost a quarter century, she is associated with the Kirov TV as host of its author’s programs: «Our guest», «Musical Encounters,» Music Album «,» In dialogue with the music. » GY Tarasova is an organizer and the continued leadership of musical evenings, conferences, concerts and creative meetings. In fall 2006 GY Tarasova has played a crucial role in the creation and performance of patriotic music and literary composition «Russia is our sacred power.
One of the most interesting pages of recent history of the department is associated with scientific and pedagogical activity of NI Pospelova. At the lessons of the musical literature and analysis of musical works problem, quite modern approach to any topic was demonstrated. Research and Articles candidate Arts NI Pospelova published and published in various Russian and foreign musicological journals. Currently NI Pospelova is a VyatGGU professor, dean of cultural studies and editor of the university almanac «across borders».
The original thread linking the department of «music theory» with the Organ Hall city. AR Semizorova, when she was the teacher has developed several advanced programs in solfeggio, harmony and improvisation, is now successfully working in the Organ Hall, as musicologist and lecturer Organ Hall in 1993 — 2003 years. NV Rossokhina works in college. NV Rossokhina and TA Skurikhina organize and conduct theoretical Olympiad solfeggio and music literature for students of music school of the city and region.
SA Saidasheva is long-term, experienced teacher of music literature and polyphony. She pays particular attention to students with creative, composers’ instincts for which understanding the secrets of the polyphonic writing is vital. In 1987-2004  SA Saidasheva worked as head of the theoretical department.
In 2004 it is replaced by a teacher of musical literature, a brilliant methodologist of his subject — SG Kudryavtseva (currently — Deputy Director for Academic Affairs). In 2006, the Chairman of the department «music theory» becomes SG Khousainov.
MA Valovaya is the teacher of musical literature and Russian folk music, as well as a number of items related to national-regional component: the study of regional singing styles, Vyatka folklore, children’s folklore. The Cabinet of folk art under the guidance of MA Valovaya has continued the activities of collecting, recording, study and dissemination of Vyatka folk songs. The materials of folklore expeditions to various parts of the area are used in the work programs, and become the basis for various forms of extra-curricular activities of students, as well as for research work.
Teachers theorists have wide and varied musical education. After lecturing practice and music critic are actively involved and students musicologists.
Under the mentoring of their teachers, they give lectures, conduct concerts, write articles and reviews, tasting themselves in a variety of musical and social activities. A remarkable tradition of the college became the theoretical conference, which involve teachers, students. In November 2006, a teacher GY Tarasova prepared and held a conference devoted to 100 anniversary of the birth of DD Shostakovich.
For more than forty years of theoretical offices prepared more than 400 graduates successfully operating at present in schools, the Kirov and the region, as well as in other Russian cities.

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