Piano Department

Department «Special Piano» was a major since the opening of the college. The traditions of professionalism were laid by representatives of the Moscow School of Piano: IV Kazenin, OM Shuravin, KS Sorokin, RK Eppel, NG Dobrynin.
Since 1946 in the college a graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory, LV Fleischman worked, who prepared a lot of pianists and teachers. For years, LV Fleischman headed the piano department. Among her pets — AD Brosterman, KN Babic, TS Perminov, VY Shaposhnikov.
In 60-ies in graduate school he worked in Leningrad Conservatory, SA Dobrovolsky (now teaches in the Novosibirsk Conservatory). In his class JP Vedernikov, ANZahvatkin, V. Yushkina were engaged. Over the years the department a significant contribution to the development of piano school and methods of teaching piano were made by ME Berova, KA Bugrova, LMLikhacheva, LG Seregina, TI Pechinina.
In 1963, teaching and concert activities at the department were begun by a graduate of the Gorky State Conservatory named after MI Glinka, a brilliant representative of the piano school, BS Marants, versatile musician and brilliant performer UV Siberikov. From 1967 to 1999 he was head of the department of «Special piano. Widely recognized in the period from 1965 to 1983, received a piano duet by LG Seregin and UV Sibiryakov was popular. In 44 years of inspired labor UV Sibiryakov gave a start in life for many and many students. Currently, his teaching tradition successfully continue EY Galtsova, TA Shibanova, AJ Korshunov.
Over the years the piano department has developed a highly qualified team of teachers representing the various piano schools and conservatories: Saint-Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, the Urals, Novosibirsk. But the backbone of the department are representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod piano school.
Further creative growth of teachers of piano department contributed to numerous workshops and creative meetings with famous pianists — performers and teachers. Among them — a professor of the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky MS Resurrection and TA  Alihanov. TA Alikhanov, now Rector of the Moscow Conservatory, in the period 2004-2006. a lecturer and consultant offices. Currently Piano college professor in charge of the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky, PhD in Contemporary Art and Sciences, Honored Artist of Karelia, Professor of Summer Music Academy of the Salzburg Mozarteum, the Academy of Music and Conservatory Kostomuksha Kunitachi, Tokyo, is RA Ostrovsky. Since 1999, the piano department is directed by a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory, N J Ryabenkova.
Class accompanist and chamber ensemble is managed by Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, AN Zahvatkin, great contributions to the development of concert and educational traditions of the college. Concert performances of performing — a long and proud tradition of pianists of Vyatka were laid by the founder of another school, IV Kazenin. UV Siberians was a great performer huge and diverse repertoire, which is particularly distinguished works of PI Tchaikovsky. Real events in the musical life of the city became performance by I V Berov and AA Sandalov piano concertos by S V Rachmaninov. VY Shaposhnikov is a vivid interpreter of works by Robert Schumann and Chopin, AN Zahvatkin — works by Beethoven. S S Teachers Salopina, LA Orlova, EY Galtsova, NA Chubarov, EA Bushmeleva, GP Cheglakova-Chetskaya actively perform work as soloists and accompanists at various competitions and outreach concerts in Kirov region, in different cities of Russia.
VY Shaposhnikov is a representative of the piano school of V V Nielsen. His performances in the Exhibition Hall, Art Museum and the Kirov Philharmonic, as well as in Pavlov Pavilion, House of Scientists, the House-Museum FI Chaliapin and Shuvalov’s Palace in St. Petersburg have had success with audiences and received positive feedback in the press.
A new page in the concert activities of the office is opened by I V Rizayev – a graduate of A N Zahvatkina, and later — Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory, member of the International Competition named after AN Skryabin (Moscow, 2004). His performances in college concerts, on stage of Philharmonic, as well as various music school city and the region are enjoyed growing popularity.
The Graduate of AN Zahvatkina then Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory NJ Ryabenkova revived the tradition of cool concerts teachers college. Over the past 10 years over 40 concerts classroom were played by teachers OVShaposhnikova, NY Ryabenkova, TN Khudyakova, AN Zahvatkin, FI Boeva, LR Vvedensky, ASGaldina, TS Perminova, V. Mezrina , not counting performances in mixed programs.
Staff offices are taught skills in live performance to their pupils. Students of Class FI Boeva often perform in Sloboda, S S Salopina and M Y Ukhanova — in music school, in Kirov.
Professor AN Zahvatkin, in addition to its diverse educational activities, conducts scientific and musical journalistic work. He is one of the few currently true connoisseurs and scholars of music K.-F.-E. Bach. The results of his research were published not only in Russia but also abroad. Since 1974, AN Zahvatkin acts in periodicals of the city, being the author of numerous notes and articles on music and social life. Constant activity is led by music journalist VY Shaposhnikov on the pages of Vyatka Print.
More than 10 years at the College operates a music school. Talented young musicians are engaged under the guidance of experienced teachers: TP Mazeevoy, LA Orlova, OVShaposhnikova, called the Khudyakov, EY Galtsova, LR Vvedensky, TN Pechininoy, GPCheglakovoy-Chetskoy, EA Bushmeleva etc. ETC Mazeeva is long and diverse methodological work in the sector of practice teaching college.
Educators of the department of the Special Piano have received many comments of appreciation for the preparation of the contestants at the regional, national and international competitions. Over the past few years among college students emerged winners of the International Competition.Artobolevsky (Moscow), the Governor’s International Competition. Gavrilina (Vologda), International Competition «The Little Prince» (Gelendzhik), Delphic, the International Competition. Faith Lothar in Novosibirsk in 2006
The Graduate of UV Sibiryakov class , Daniel Dvorzhov, graduated from the St. Petersburg Conservatory at the piano professor I V Lebedev and the class of the People’s Artist of Russia, Professor N I Oksentyan, now is a member of the concert workers of Russia, professor of Saint-Petersburg Conservatory named after  NA Rimsky-Korsakov and teacher of the St. Petersburg private Conservatory.
Another graduate, pianist, a pupil AN Zahvatkina Vladimir Orlov, a graduate of Musicology, Faculty of Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory, is currently enrolled in graduate school at Cambridge University (UK). Article V. Orlov, and AN Zahvatkina devoted to the anniversary DDShostakovich, were published in the anthology VyatGGU «Through the border.»
In 2004, in Nizhny Novgorod piano department of the Kirov’s College of Arts was awarded the diploma of the winner for the high level of teaching.

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