The Department of the Solo Folk Singing. The Conductor of the Folk Choir.

Specialties The Conductor of the Folk Choir and the Solo Folk Singing appeared in college in 1993. The new department is headed by a graduate of the Russian Academy of Music of  Gnesin GA Nasonova. She assumed the underlying objects for the new professions — posing voices, solo folk singing, choral class, a vocal ensemble, teaching and practice of forwarding. On materials of folklore expeditions GA Nasonova areas of the Kirov region STRC «Vyatka» two movies: «Christmas Eve» and «darling song” were filmed. Currently, the honored worker of culture of Russia, professor Institute of Arts and Culture, St. Petersburg, GA Nasonova is Consultant CCP RNH and NCSA.
Among the first teachers of new specialties that have laid the foundations of education and training students were GY Sibiryakova, LV Dvorzhova and TA Grudenkova (graduate of the Gorky Conservatory. M.I Glinka).
Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, professor of Kirov of the Perm State Institute GY Sibiryakova preserves in the Department of objects such as a conductor, working with people’s score, reading choral scores, prediploma. In 2004-2005 GY Sibiryakova is the head of the department. Many of its graduates have become leaders in their field experts: academics and D. L. Malygina Kibeshova, Ph.D. musical pedagogics L. Kashurnikova, three teachers of the year — Khalyavin I. (2000), M. Podshivalova (2001, Nizhny Novgorod) and K. Shvetsov (2006). For 20 years, GY Sibiryakova led military Academic Folk Choir of veterans and veterans’ club in town.
LV Dvorzhova teaches future performers of folk songs solfeggio and harmony. She has developed a number of copyright programs for solfeggio, sol-fa method of teaching, teaching practices, as well as a special program of aesthetic development of children aged two years in an organized group of its «mirror».
Graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory. NA Rimsky-Korsakov, MA Gross — a teacher of Russian folk music, children’s and Vyatka folklore, the study of regional singing styles, a collector of musical folklore Vyatka. In 2003, MA Gross published a collection of folk songs Urzhums’ka area. Her articles on the Vyatka musical folklore regularly appear in the anthology «Vyatka Spring».
Since 2000, LVKormschikova begins her teaching career, a graduate of the Perm State Institute of Arts and Culture,. She has such subjects as setting rates, methods of working with the creative team, decoding audio recordings of folk songs, folk practices. Among her graduates — the winner of the Russian competition «Youth», a student of Academy of Music. Gnesin in Khanty-Mansiysk, S. Saifulina.
Since 2003, LV Nasonova started a college graduate at Perm State Institute of Arts and Culture,. In 2005 she became head of the CCP. LV Nasonova teaches staging voice, solo folk singing, reading choral scores, work with people’s score, leading choral teaching methods courses, teaching practice, concert practice, vocal ensemble, choir class. Folklore Ensemble «Vyatskaya side», the winner of the Interregional Competition Yurgan «(Syktyvkar), regularly gives concerts in the city and region. Many of the graduates and students of LV Nasonova — winners of various competitions. S. Lipushkina — I place in the contest. L. Ruslanova got silver medal at the International Delphic Games Saratov, now — the student of RAM. Gnesin (Khanty-Mansiysk). M. Fedyaeva – 1place at the Interregional Competition «Yurgan in 2004 K. Severyukhin, a student at SU SNP — II place in music and art festival» Okras world of sounds «(St. Petersburg), I place in the competition» Play , Harmony (Ivanovo), I place at the festival «Vyatskaya Carousel» (Kirov), a diploma at the festival «Living Water». A. Monakhova, a student II HDR — 1 place at the festival «Okras world of sound» (St. Petersburg), I place at the II round of competition in Vissaravi (Finland).
Since 2006, IN Baygozina begins teaching, a graduate of RAM Gnesin. She teaches solo folk singing, setting rates, mastery of the actor, vocal ensemble, folk costume.
A graduate of the Perm State Institute of Arts and Culture, choreographer, VG Shubin has taught folk dance and choreography. Its object is harmoniously merges in all forms and directions of various scenic-performing activities of students.
CCP Director is Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, a long-term (until 2007), director of the Kirov Ballet dolls GG Zaitsev. With the help of the state exam graduate students into a bright musical-stage action — the living embodiment of the folk festival or rite.
A highly qualified team of teachers CCP has always methodical help managers choirs of the city and region.  They conduct various workshops, master classes, open lessons. Extensive concert tours of students and teachers are decorated with many holidays, charitable and educational activities music college, city and region.

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