The Department of the Secondary Subjects

Traditionally an important role in the educational process is general and the humanities. Union of general subjects was formed by the head of the  training part Luchnicova LM  in 1961 year. Instead of pre-existing options a full course of secondary school subjects were introduced. highly professional teachers of general subject came in the school: mathematics, TS Smirnov (within 24 years was the head of the methodological commission), TA Khoroshavina — teacher of foreign languages (45 years in college, age 14 is head of the subject-cyclic comitee), LV Beresneva — chemist, biologist (25 years in college), NM Storozhenko — literature teacher (32 years of work).  Teacher of history and philosophy, E V Eremina conquered teachers and students for erudition, kindness, love for music . For 40 years, EV Eremina gave to college (aesthetics, world culture), II Barysheva (pedagogy, psychology) — the author of the methodological development of the «Best Concert of state.  She prepared the students for public speaking. In 1996 — 2003 years II Barysheva led the CCP department.
For 25 years II Barysheva has been the head of the school by correspondence, practiced in the whole more than 50 years. Founders of the department and the first of its leaders were LM Luchnicova and NS Sherstneva.
At the department all available in the college professions were represented, except the theory of music. The possibility of distance learning has been particularly important for those who received a second specialization. The greatest flowering of the correspondence department took place in the 80-ies, when it enrolled as many as 180 people.
Robust and professional and social activities physical education teacher, a talented organizer UV Skornyakov abruptly changed the life college made it a healthy and vigorous spirit, discipline, creativity and outstanding sports achievements in urban and regional competitions.For many years he worked in a school worthy of strong, experienced military director — GSTeterin. LG Kanshin is remembered in metododical association and professor of history, philosophy and social science,.
Teachers union of general subjects are always active in public life of their college, they were all talented headmasters, prepared on 3.4 release.
Changing the status of an educational institution, which occurred in 2004, determined the emergence of new disciplines, new curriculum, new teachers. The process of updating the entire life CCP continues today. The best traditions of the older generation of teachers (II Barysheva, IA Vepreva, EV Eremina, AG Kryvašheina, GA. Levashev) — the basis of formation of skills of the younger generation of teachers — a graduate of the college and Vyatka GGU: I V Izmestyeva, EA Komorowski, EA Shevelyova, who replaced in 2006 II Baryshev at the head of CCP.
Over the past 10 years in the work of CCP general education and the humanities can distinguish two trends: the revival of high tradition and are quite modern innovation. Significant achievements are visible in both directions. A striking example — the successful management of creative research work of students and preparation for participation in competitions. College students — an indispensable and brightest members of the language, Russian language and literature. In 2005, the practice of holding a colloquium on the history of educational institutions and Vyatka region was revived . But in 2007, in the College Olympiad in history was firstly held among the technical colleges of the city and region (teachers EA. Sheveleva and NV Zakolyukina acted as her creative organizers). NV Zakolyukina as deputy director on educational work is constantly in contact with students of different specialties, in search of new, modern forms of extra-curricular activities inside and outside the college. They respond extremely important in the present socio-cultural functions of the college and the main directions of educational work.
Within the framework of the college two socially-oriented project have developed . The first project – «Russia is our sacred state» due to the important task of civil-patriotic consciousness among youth. As part of this project was to create a musical and literary composition, presenting a history of state symbols of the country and was first introduced in the appraisal college in April 2006.
Contents of the project is clearly characterized by the words B. Okudzhava: «Joining Hands and friends. His foundation — a charitable activities of students and teachers of the college, which aims to participate in the social rehabilitation of children, trapped by fate to the «margins» great life. In conjunction with NBF «World of Art» during 2005-2007 campaign Wings of Dreams «for children from orphanages and boarding schools of the area were organized . There was more than 60 concerts in 36 such institutions. Some 3500 orphans and the disabled were able to hear folk and classical music performed by students and teachers of the college.
Imperatives dictated by the introduction of the current situation in the educational process of the foundations of physical training in the military-patriotic education of students (teachers AI Podugin and SF Pushkarev). College students are actively involved in various sports competitions. and good tradition of the Day of Health was revived .
History of CCP general, humanitarian and socio-economic disciplines continues, absorb new trends and respond to the «challenges of our time.»

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