The Department of Orchestral and String Instruments

String department existed in the school for a long time. At the head the department got a graduate of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, who has received a diploma for the title of a free artist, M N Sinitsyn. His name is connected with the establishment and development of violin culture in Vyatka.
Among the graduates of this multi-talented musicians are many remarkable artists and teachers: GK Kobelkov, long time head of the team first children’s music school, teacher colleges in viola Y. Lisin, OG Doulova, who graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and devoted his life to the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater.
In the first years after opening the department next to the MN Sinitsyn, SS Bogatyrev worked as a teacher — the head of the school of symphony orchestra, VD Kublanov, PE Nayda, SM Dvinyanin. In the postwar years, the department got new teachers — graduates of various conservatories of the country: NM Gurevich (Odessa), VA Buldah (Kharkiv), Y. Alexandrov (Gorky), MG Maslow (Leningrad).
In 60-ies in the Department develops a permanent faculty. GI Staff Frozen, Y. Lisin (Kazan Conservatory), R.Sh. Dorfman (Leningrad Conservatory), EI Andreev (Gorky State Conservatory) continued and creatively developed the tradition of professional training.
These years were fruitful in terms of performing arts. In 1960 an amateur symphony orchestra of the regional council of trade unions were created. Its first leader was NP Chernigov, and in 1964 leader of the orchestra became R.Sh. Dorfman — the Honored Worker of Culture of Russia. Under the leadership R.Sh. Dorfman orchestra has been honored with the title of winner of the 1 st prize at competitions in Nizhny Novgorod and Novosibirsk. Since 1994, the orchestra has been managed by VA Rajewski. In 1998, the orchestra takes on professional status.
In the same years in school the pupil’s violin ensemble actively participates in the concert life under the direction of GI Merzlov. In 1972, born brilliant creative team — the piano trio School of AN Zahvatkin (piano), R.Sh. Dorfman, and later IV Khudyakov (violin) and EI Andreyev (cello).
In the 80 years next generation of teachers starts to work : IV Khudyakov, AV Greekov (now — Head of CCP), SV Ryazantsev, MY Ukhanova EB Selezeneva, LA Korshunova. Since 2004, the new, younger generation of teachers string orchestra is a graduate of the College and Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory UV Zhdanov.
Since 2005 working as a teacher and consultant at the Moscow State Conservatory, honored artist, laureate of international competitions AB Trostyanskiy.
The new chamber ensemble of the College — «Vyatka-quintet» of teachers SV Ryazantsev IV Khudyakov, AV Grekov, EI Andreyev, A N Zahvatkin is created and tours the cities of Russia and abroad .
the string orchestral department are successfully working in music schools, colleges and schools of Kirov, and other areas in higher education and concert organizations. L. Leushin, A. Morillo, and E. Subbotin — Artists Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra of Russia under Vladimir Spivakov. E. Zheleznyakov teaches at the Conservatory of Yekaterinburg. B. Bakulin — diploma of All-Union contest, a teacher Bashkir Institute of Arts. Five graduates are currently graduate students of the Moscow Conservatory. In 2006, college students Hristolyubov M., I. Ivanov and D. Semenischev received the Presidential Grant, M. Hristolyubov benefited from the Cultural Foundation.

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