The Department of Orchestral Brass and Percussion Instruments

Wind department was opened in 1938. Its first head was IN Afinogenov, who was replaced in 1957 by VP Slizkov, who graduated from the Leningrad Conservatoire, trombone. His name is related to an epoch in the life of the college. In 1990, the department was headed by a graduate of the Kazan Conservatory, trumpeter, VN Feigin. Instead of teachers of the older generation — NP Chernigov, VS Dvoynishnikov, VD Petukhov, AI Kardakov and others VI Ryabov, IG Yachmenev, AG Baklanov, VI Kotenko, AV Rozov came . Since 1999, the Chairman of the CCP is VI Semishkur, a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory. The department has 12 teachers. It is well-known figures in Vyatka culture: A. Baklanov (drums), VN Nagovitsyn (conducting), VI Semishkur (clarinet), EL Smigelsky (saxophone), IGYachmenev (oboe), etc.
Flute is taught by a young teacher, EM Ivanova. She graduated from the Tashkent State Conservatory in 1998. 2003 — post-graduate course in the Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory named after M.I.Glinki. Passed the Higher Courses of ensemble skills based on the Kazan Conservatory, she took a master-class of professor at the Moscow Conservatory, LM Golysheva, a master-class marina Pichinini (Switzerland-Zurich). EM Ivanova is a member of the ensemble fleytistok «Syrinx» (Nizhny Novgorod),a soloist of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra under Valery Rajewski, a soloist with chamber orchestra of the Kirov Regional Philharmonic under Constantine Maslyukov, she is involved in concert and educational activities.
After graduating from the College of Arts DV Babintsev remained in teaching in the class of Horn. He is the winner of the IV Russian competition for wind instruments of higher professional educational institutions of culture and art, the singer of the Municipal Symphony Orchestra under Valery Rajewski, he takes part in a lot of concerts.
In the class of pipe over from VN Feigin S. Terekhov received his student — a graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory named after Glinka, soloist of the Kirov Orchestra of the military garrison of the Russian Interior Ministry «Northern Star».
The teaching staff continues to get young professionals: EV Zyurina (flute) — graduated from Kazan State Conservatory.
Students Office constantly take part in all Russian contests of musical schools methodical association of Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory and win prizes. Currently, the country’s universities continue to raise the professional level of many graduates of office.
Students in the wind department receive a high level of training, as evidenced by their involvement in the orchestras of the city. Only in Vyatka Municipal Symphony Orchestra under Valery A. Rajewski there are about 10 students form the brass department. They work in the orchestra and their teachers too .
Military Orchestra of the Kirov garrison Russian Interior Ministry «North Star» is led by Honoured Cultural Worker of Lieutenant Colonel A. Loginov, Jazz Orchestra Aviation Bend «house of culture» Rodina «running by VN Nagovitsyn, the Kirov Orchestra of the circus, the orchestra accompany the ensemble dancing «Haze» is mainly staffed by the students and teachers of the wind and variety departments of college of arts.
Often at the concert venues in the city you can see the brass bands of students department.  in the Alexander church ensembles flute class teacher EM Ivanova always plays, Kirov people know ensemble «Slarino» under the leadership of VI Semishkur , always a welcome guest is Brass Quintet (Class of VI Kotenko). Chamber Ensemble of Daria Meerkova (organ) and Elena Ivanova (flute) from one year perform at the Concert Hall of Organ and Chamber Music in the city of Kirov, and toured the central cities of Russia.
Standing concert department brass and percussion instruments holds them in assigned schools: Music school № 11, № 27 Kirov, the Orthodox school, art schools, music school in Orichi, in Zuevka. Concert teams of students from the program «Getting Started with musical instruments» are great music and education. Active role in the concert life of the city has played and continues to play an established by VP Slizkov the student brass band. Under the leadership of the honored worker of culture of VP Slizkov the orchestra more than 30 years, accompanied all demonstrations and parades by the main square in the city of Kirov. In the 90-ies Orchestra of VN Feigin enriched modern repertoire, learned new genres and forms of pop music playing, many times it was honored with awards at various competitions. Currently, a brass band is led by VI Semishkur.
The band demonstrates a high level of professional musical performance on wind instruments. This is confirmed by concert repertoire list of the last five years: musical-educational lectures for schoolchildren «From cartoons to opera, musical and poetic composition to the 60 anniversary of Victory» It was ….», «Symbols of Russia», live holiday programs : «For all women and girls», «Kaleidoscope Prenew Year», «Music Carnival», «Parade of soloists. The orchestra has participated in joint concerts with the choir college of arts, performing works of AP Borodin (Polovtsian Dances), DD Shostakovich («Festive Overture»), George Gershwin («Rhapsody in Blues»), etc.
The orchestra has a rich repertoire, upholds its proud tradition, leads a great musical education, to create a network list, holds thematic concerts, constantly improves its versatile music-performing activities.
In March 2007, II open festival of brass music was held in the Concert Hall College of Art. VP Slizkov «Live Music», which gave great impetus to the development of brass music on the Vyatka land: created «Vyatskaya Association of Brass Band. VP Slizkov, running revival of public festivals with live music of brass bands at the Green Quay Kirov «At 6 o’clock in the evening after the war, launched an annual charity event donation brass instrument young talent Vyatka Land » Victory in the generations of lives, » in the college hall is scheduled the annual concert of young talents, performers on wind instruments «If the stars are lit.
To the 70 th anniversary of VI Semishkur college gave the mother 70 scores for brass band.Many of them — author orchestration. In the anniversary year gift to the college students and teachers have taught brass department. Fortunately there were at the XVII All-Russia festival-contest of brass and percussion fanfare Ural «(Magnitogorsk, March 25-31) Eugene Lubnin (oboe) — III prize, Tatiana Lukin (flute) and Maxim Vikharev (saxophone) — Diploma . Professor EM Ivanova won the II International Competition-Festival «Contemporary Art and Education Award for Teacher of the Executive of the XXI century» (Moscow, 29 April — 5 May) and the teacher EV Zyurina won the International contest «Art of the XXI century» as «chamber ensemble» (Kiev, 28 April — 6 May). Student Music School at the College Leila Nasibova (flute), a diploma of All-Russian competition for brass and percussion them. Blazevic «Silver Pipe» (Moscow, 20-24 May). Teachers DV Babintsev and EM Ivanova successfully passed the qualifying competition for the Presidential II festival of symphonic orchestras of the world under the direction of H. Temirkanov. (Moscow, 2007).

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