The Department of Solo Academic Singing

The Department of Solo Academic Singing was opened in 1937. The most brilliant pages of the department are related to the post-war years. A huge role in that belonged to the teacher of solo singing and vocal ensemble E F Holst. Performances of her pupils at a concert and theatrical performances invariably aroused an enthusiastic response of any audience. In 40 — 50 years IY Pashkovskaya, LB Vlasov, head of the opera class SE Rome worked in the vocal department.
Since the late 50-ies soloists Philharmonic LG Samoilenko, MP Pechenina were invited to work at the Department, simultaneously engaged and prepared to vote, student conductor of choral department.
After discontinuation of the vocal department for 30 years conductor-choral department was the sole basis for the preparation of vocalists in the city of Kirov.
In 1987, after a thirty-year break, the
department was resumed thanks to the initiative and the authority of Honored Artist of Russia V. Gerasimov. They laid a new, highly modern tradition of vocal school. Most graduates by V. Gerasimov enter higher education, after which work in concert organizations, opera studios, theaters in Russia, are engaged in teaching. Voice of Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Gerasimov sounds in concert halls of Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, Petrozavodsk, Cuba, Poland, the Baltics, Germany. Teaching in the College of experienced master vocal is combined with the active creative activity in the city of Kirov, and access areas.
Since 2001, the head of the CCP Academic Singing NP Tartachev was appointed — concert and theatrical activities in the Sverdlovsk Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet by Lunacharski, Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, Omsk, musical theater and Philharmonic, diploma of All-Competition. Glinka in Tashkent, Tbilisi, Chisinau, participant of the arts in Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.
Outstanding and invaluable assistance in the education of young vocalists have teachers, TI Pechinina — class opera training and vocal ensemble, honored cultural worker of Russia UV Sibiryakov, AN Zahvatkin, GG Zaitsev.
Over the past 10 years, department issued about 20 professionals. Almost all graduates study or have already graduated from Russian universities and work in creative teams. Thus, a graduate from the Academy of Music by  Gnesinyh O. Antsigina — soloist of the Kirov Philharmonic, R. Shulakov — soloist of the State Academic Bolshoi Theatre and the Theatre «Novaya Opera».
A. Pushkarev, a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Culture and Art, the winner of 2 international competitions — a soloist of Children’s Musical Theatre N. Satz, A. Gerasimov, graduated from the Moscow Conservatory and completed graduate school, became a soloist of Perm Academic Theatre; A. Podugin as a soloist with the theater , T. Konuhova — Head of vocal studio Kirov Oblast House of Folk Arts; Ermakova works at a music school, the Children’s Philharmonic, the Kirov, AA Lochtyn, graduated form the Academy of  Gnesins, adopted a teacher of solo singing in the Kirov Regional College of Art.
The department is little
, but every year applicants who wish to study academic singing becomes more and more. Students of the department take part in the concert in the city and region, regularly travel to competitions. Two of them — D. Skarabahaty and M. Mashkovtsev — in 2006were awarded the title of winners of the International Vocal Competition «Vella vose» in Moscow.

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