The Department of the General Piano

Subject-cyclic commission general course combines piano teachers piano teachers and pianists, accompanists. In recent years, it is headed by TN Brysova.
The Department of the General Piano mandatory for students of all disciplines, expanding their performing capabilities is attached to the riches of music, is absolutely essential in the study of theoretical subjects cycle.
In the formation of the general course piano was played by teachers of the older generation: MPDergaeva, LS Goluchcova, EV Korotkina, KA Bugrova, NN Luppov, EV Eremina, SAPoroshina, IM Kuzin, II Barysheva, EG Ginzburg, NF Rybakova, LD Morozova, LE Subbotina, LD Dubovtseva, GA Pasha. Enthusiastically and professionally working EY Galtsova, ENTsikunova, L.R Vvedenskaya, O. Kolpakov, LL Litovskaya, IV Zagoskina, TN Rublev, NN Suslov, RL Kirillov, TE Suchkov.
Methodical Commission of the policies of the piano is constantly working to improve the professional skills of teachers: the preparation of various manuals, teaching writing works, acquaintance with the latest music publishers and qualification improvement courses, concerts, evenings, charity and musical and educational performances of students and teachers. In the Ural II open-review-competition of piano training students in specialized secondary schools (Yekaterinburg, 2004) student DRL Xenia Yalynnaya (class teacher E. Yu Galtsova) was awarded a diploma for successful performance.
Activities of the Pianists-accompanists are a special and unique in the history of the school and then college of music. Without a high professional skills and creative dedication accompanists unthinkable or daily academic work, or live life for the Performing offices possible performances in competitions, participate in festivals and celebrations, conducting master classes and music education. Students, artists often find their accompanist second teacher by profession, capable not only a lesson in the absence of a teacher, but also give a real professional advice, to provide creative assistance. Deserved success of the best teachers, performers, performing solo programs or managers of the creative team, always carries a share of labor, skill and inspiration of the accompanist. Among the pianists of the older generation is almost legendary name VA Popov — multi accompanist of VV Zeferov. Graduate LV Fleischman, then Chisinau Conservatory AD Brosterman present is concertmaster of the St. Petersburg Mariinsky Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Glittering accompanists were wonderful teachers piano and bright artistic personality — ME Berova, LM Likhacheva, and Yu.V. Siberikov. Many generations of students were brought up by the brass department at a high professional level, thanks to the tireless work and genuine pedagogical skills accompanist LM Shklyar. Work conductor of choral department for many years is supported EG Ginzburg — concertmaster of the leading teachers of the department of NG Semishkur. IM Kuzina is many years concertmaster of a number of teachers from VV Zeferova and VS Grebenkina to EA Sirotina.
Reliable support for teachers accompanists are the new generations, brought up in the walls of the college: EY Galtsova, LL Litovskaya, LV Yamshanova, EA Bushmeleva, TE Suchkov. EYGaltsova serves as accompanist for competitions and concerts. In a creative collaboration with the soloist of the choir Kostroma, People’s Artist of Russia, TS Vorobieva EY Galtsova successfully performed at the Russian Embassy in Berlin and in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.
Piano Teacher, NA Chubarova proved herself as an accompanist at international competitions in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, her performance was awarded a diploma for excellence.
Accompanists orchestral string department — EN Tsikunova, RL Kirillova. LA Morilova. Activity of LAMorilova at zonal, inter-regional and all-Russian contest has received many diplomas to the best accompanist and in 2002 its participation in the activities of the All-Russia creative arts schools «Four Seasons» was awarded the Diploma of the Ministry of Culture for professional excellence.

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