The Department of Folk Orchestra Instruments

The Department of Folk Orchestra Instruments was opened in 1947. The first ten years of its existence the department trains specialists on bayan, and since 1957 the class of stringed folk instruments- dobro and balalaika has appeared. Among the first teachers, who laid the foundation for education of musicians, folk VE Samaras, IA Vasyukov, TN Sergeeva (Mironov), A. Aleksandrov, V M Punger, A. A . Mikhailov, AA Linkov.
A graduate of Ural State Conservatory AA Alexandrov nearly twenty years was in charge of the department, was an innovator in a period of intensive development of ready-election accordion, from 1958 to 1982 he worked at the problem of eliminating occupational illnesses of hands of musicians. During this time he helped to get rid of the malady of huge number of musicians of different specialties (about 500).

Since 1958 oldest teacher specialty VM Punger worked in the college . For many years he headed the section of string folk instruments. About 30 students in his class received higher education in the conservatories and institutions of the country. Among its graduates — the director of Training Center for Advanced Studies cultural and art workers of the Kirov region, honored worker of the Russian Federation, TA Manylova, teachers G. Saltykov, VA Shihareva, TV Yakovleva, M. W. Pasha.
To the 60-th year the beginning of educational activities is for A. Linkov, AA Mikhailova, BF Shiryaev, VA Kozhevnikov, Yu.P. Orlov, AV Goncharov, SF Goluchcova , T. Pesotsky.
In the 70 years of teaching staff of the department continues to grow: hired AK Pomelov, BL Novikov, BV Pesotsky, VG Nikolaev, GA Semizorov, wife Britovy, N. P . Khitrin, A.Korolev, TA Manylova, V. Boev, A. Goldberg, VI Krivoshein, A G. Milchakov, TN Salamatowa, LB Malkova, G. Saltykov, EV Barsukov.
Many teachers over the period of work in college had a difficult way of accumulation of pedagogical skills, creative growth. For several years in charge of the graduate department of R AM. Gnesin was AK Pomelov, combining talent of a teacher and a musician-performer. Among his graduates are winners and winners of All-Russian and inter-regional competition of folk music. And at present AK Pomelov has a busy concert schedule as irreplaceable accompanist of the department of the solo folk singing «and leader of the duet bayan » Harmony «(AK Pomelov, NV Pomelova).
Since 1974 V.G.Boev has been working as a director in the college, a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory named after  Glinka, Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation. V. Boev is a professional teacher, a musician, who enjoys great prestige among his colleagues, he went from teacher to director of the college. On the account of students’ class, VG Boyev loudest wins at the All-Russia (Sabrekov Vadim — 2001, Surgut) and interregional (Kibeshev Timur — 2006, Nizhny Novgorod) competitions.
More than 20 years of direct Russian folk orchestra of the Kirov’s College of Arts is graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory named after MI Glinka, the Honored Artist of Russia A. Chubarov. During this time the band got the name National team and won the All-Russian and International competitions. All these years the orchestra has a busy concert schedule, as a permanent member of all the most responsible of concerts and activities the college and the city of Kirov.
A. N. Chubarov works in the Department since 1980. From 1990 to 2001 he headed the subject-cyclic commission of the department. Currently, AN Chubarov is the conductor of a well-known in many cities of Russia Vyatka orchestra of Russian folk instruments named after  FI Shalyapin. Quite much was made for the establishment and active concert life of the orchestra by Honored Worker of Culture, SF Golushkov. Professor for many years teaches conducting and directs the Symphony Orchestra of college. He performs a musician, a few years led the orchestra of folk instruments, a graduate of the Nizhniy Novgorod State Conservatory EV Barsukov manages the domain-cyclic Commission on conducting. In recent years he has prepared a number of interesting programs with the orchestra of folk instruments from the works of composers of kirov GA and AB Karpikov.
With the advent of secession in 1988, composer AB Karpikov, a graduate of the Moscow State Conservatory named after  Tchaikovsky, a member of the Russian Union of Composers, the repertoire of the orchestra of folk instruments is constantly updated with his works and orchestral arrangements.
B. A. Shihareva (Lobastova), LA Bakin, W. Tarzan, VY Koryakov, EG Vladimirova, EG Beltyukova (Starodumova), T. V. Nikolaeva (Kreknin), A. B . Karpikov, T. Yakovleva (Vakhrusheva), Yu Makhnev, AN Kononov, VS Rezvuhin, M. W. Pasha are generation of teachers 80 — 90-ies. Graduated from the Saratov State Conservatory named after Sobinov T. Nikolaeva successfully lead an orchestra of folk instruments for undergraduate students and an ensemble of folk instruments «Impromptu», which became the 2006 laureate of the VII Festival of Arts. P. Vershigorova, in 2007 — the winner of Zone competition.
Since 2002, the department is headed by a graduate of the Saratov State Conservatory named after  Sobinov EG Beltyukova, EG Vladimirovais in charge of the section string folk instrument , a graduate of RAM Gnesin. A new generation of teachers-populists sought upholds a long tradition. Young teachers of the department N. Kononov and M. W. Pasha became a soloist Vjatsky orchestra of folk instruments. Active participants of this group are the teachers EG Vladimirova, AG Milchakov, TN Salamatowa, VA Shihareva.
In recent years, students have become laureates of the All-Russia, inter-regional and zonal competitions in the city of Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Surgut, Kurgan, Izhevsk. College graduate DV Dmitrienko (class teacher VI Kryvashein) is a winner of international competitions in Denmark and Germany, by J. Mocker (class teacher N. Kononov) is winner of international competitions in St. Petersburg and Perm, Vshivtseva Julia (class Teacher TA Manylova) is winner of the International Competition in the U.S.
Fruitfully collaborate with teachers of Nizhny Novgorod musicians: Honored Artist of Russia, Mamaykov; Senior Lecturer winner of All-Russian contest AA Peter and Paul, winner of the International Competition KB Fish.
Over 60 years professional specialty the
Department of Folk Orchestra Instruments
has trained about 1,000 professional musicians, most of whom are working in various educational institutions, houses of culture and concert organizations of the country.  17 full-time teachers are 15 pupils of the department.
Department of Folk Orchestra Instruments is proud of its graduates: VP Kruglov — People’s Artist of Russia, professor of RAM. Gnesin, VM Denisov — Professor of Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory. Glinka, W. Izmestyeva — Assistant Professor Samara Institute of Arts; D. Dmitrienko — Associate Professor of the Moscow State Musical Pedagogical Institute. Named after  M. Ippolitov-Ivanov, a soloist of the National Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments named after Ossipov, I. Mokerov — winner of international competitions, conductor of the orchestra of Russian folk instruments «Moscow», V. Bazhin is soloist with the orchestra of the North Folk Choir; S. Cherezovs, I. Vasilyev, A. Karpikov member of the Union of Composers of Russia; I. Snigireva, O. Marina — actresses orchestra of Russian folk instruments. Andreev, A. Pitirimov — director of the theater of Russian songs, the Cherepovets, A. Dudarev — winner of the International Competition in Italy, S. Sysuev — soloist of the ensemble of Russian folk songs of Babkina, A. Voronin — Honored Artist of Russia, as a soloist Maly Opera Theatre of St. Petersburg; D. Beloselsky — Choir soloist V. Minin (Moscow), winner of the II place in the XIII International Tchaikovsky Competition name dafter PITchaikovsky.

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