The Department of the Choir Conducting

Opened in 1945, the Department of the Choir Conducting is one of the leading departments in the college of art, and its graduates have made an enormous contribution to the development of choral music field. The first teachers of a new specialty PN Shtegman,, GI Popov, LI Ben U.I. Yarvela, GI Pustovalova, VM Bataeva put a good tradition of training their musical career. These traditions have been adequately pursued in the 50 years, by a graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory, VV Zeferov and a graduate of the Saratov Conservatory, LP Lobanova, who is for 20 years headed the department. She was replaced by a graduate of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory V I Ryattel.Currently chairman of CCP «Choral conducting is NG Semishkur.
Over the years, the department especially prepared and issued more than a thousand professional musicians working in many cities throughout the country and region. Many of them occupy a prominent place in the music world. It is the principal conductor of the Ekaterinburg Municipal Choir «Domestic» Valery Kopanev, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, head of the Department of the Institute of Culture Abakan GN Rudakov, head of the department of choral conducting from the Art Institute Samara B. Zheludkova, as well known for their concert and teaching activities choirmasters Kirov and region: Order of Red Banner of Labor, VN Grigorenko, Honored Worker of Culture of Russia, VP Shatunova and VA Cremov, as well as representatives of new creative generations — IV Cremov, VA Poptsov, LV Gajda, V. Gajda, NA Sudnitsyna, EV Yufereva, MVNasenkova, LM Kropotina, HE Skobelkin, VN Suchkov, GM Antakya, TL Popova, SS Vorobiev, etc.
In accordance with the requirements of modern times in the curriculum of such subjects as Sacred Choral Music, Fundamentals of regency practice, Fundamentals of Orthodox Culture have been introduced
Under the new curriculum, at the end of college qualification: the students get the qualification of choir director and creative team, a teacher of choral discipline, the actor and the chorus ensemble. The working program expanded and updated repertoire, introduced new topics of relevance to the present time, supplemented by a list of literature.
State certification of graduates of the department are a mixed choir of college (Head — Honored Worker of Culture of Russia NA Tolstenko). Men’s Party replenished by students from other departments: national, brass, pop, vocal. Also, as the illustrators former students were involved .
At the department there are 14 teachers.  The veterans of the department EI Fedotova and VKBurdenkova currentlyare honored by cultural worker of Russia VS Grebenkin and NA Tolstenko, as well as AI Bugrov, , LV Shillegodskaya, NG Semishkur, T . A. Feigin, V. G. Perestoronina, LV Popov. Faculty updates young professionals: EA Sirotina, IV Lobanova, TE Shurakova, ES Sharomova, T. Kargapoltseva. All of them — students of the department, graduates of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory. Many teachers combine teaching work with the creative work, directing various choirs:
— LG Rubella — leader of the group association residents of besieged Leningrad, the party regional festival «Victory Salute»;
— LV Shillegodskaya is curator of the choir music school № 2 Kirov;
— NG Semishkur is choir director Vyatsk Orthodox School in the name of Saint Tryphon of Vyatka,
— Honored Worker of Culture of Russia

GY Sibiryakova is choir director of the City Club veterans — Honored Worker of Culture of Russia VS Grebenkin is leader of the chorus «Lyrics» October district of Kirov,
— LV Popov is the head of the student choir Vjatsky Pedagogical University,
— TE Shurakova is choir director of music school at the College of Art,
— ES Sharomova is Head of Junior Choir Music School № 11,
— IV Lobanov is precentor Trinity Church.
Staff of the department provides methodological assistance to music schools, headed the jury contests choirs, are required to participate as members of the expert evaluation committee.
VS Grebenkin issued a number of collections treatments Vyatka songs. Many of them entered the repertoire of choirs of children’s music school, choir, College of Arts. Students regularly take part in competitions secondary specialized musical institutions of different cities of Russia, winning prizes.
For 13 years the college choir, under the leadership of the honored worker of culture of Russia NA Tolstenko participates in concerts devoted to the Holy Trifonovski readings. The concert was dedicated to the 60 th anniversary of the Victory Day, the ensemble of soloists and choral department performed a musical-poetic composition «It was …». And during the All-Russian choral festival dedicated to the anniversary of the famous choral conductor, People’s Artist, Professor LK Sivukhin choir sang Fauré’s Requiem in the concert hall of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory. MI Glinka (conductor — Professor V. Kurzhavsky).
Together with the Vyatka Municipal Symphony Orchestra under VA Rajewski choir took part in the staging of Verdi’s opera «La Traviata» and Dargomyzhsky «Mermaid», a concert performance of «Carmen» by Bizet, «The Tsar’s Bride» by N. Rimsky-Korsakov’s «Aleko by Rachmaninov, and Prokofiev’s cantata» Alexander Nevsky «, Tchaikovsky’s» Moscow «Sergei Rachmaninov» Spring «, S. Taneyev» John of Damascus «. Scenes from the opera PI Tchaikovsky’s «Eugene Onegin» were performed with the choir under the leadership of conductor of the Moscow New Opera Yevgeny Kolobov.
The choir is closely involved in the most important concerts that take place not only at the stage of the college, but also on the stages of Philharmonic Hall and Drama Theatre. The choir held a concert devoted to Day of the Military, on the anniversary of Polytechnic Institute for 30 years of resource room at the department of culture and art, in a concert dedicated to the formation of the Kirov region, training courses for leaders of choral music school field in the reporting of choral concerts and college. The choir took part in a concert performance of Rachmaninov opera «Francesca da Rimini, a patriotic concert in Russia — our sacred stronghold, in a consolidated concert College of Arts (performance, together with a brass band piece from an opera by Alexander Borodin’s» Prince Igor «-»
Polovtsian Dances «), in the regional festival of choirs» I sing to you, my Russia! I sing to you, m y native land! «, A concert was dedicated to the 100 th anniversary of Dmitry Shostakovich, performed by the Symphony of Psalms, IF Stravinsky, in the author’s concert Sh Chalaeva, as well as in the festival «Vyatskiye springs.»
College Choral Department is in constant communication with the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatory, is the curator of the Kirov Regional College of Art. Professor, Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory named after
MI Glinka, VA Kurzhavsky once conducted master classes with students of offices, a rehearsal with the choir college. During the master classes of Professor Ural State Conservatory, director and chief conductor of the Ekaterinburg Municipal Choir «Domestic» VA Kopaneva is working with the women’s choir College (Head IV Lobanova) and mixed chorus (Head — Honored Worker of Culture of Russia NA Tolstenko).

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